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Trading in a car that's not running on a used car

Paul Blanco Good Car Company
Paul Blanco quality used cars for sale in California

How to Trade my Old Car on a Newer car

Even cars that are not running.

Basically you find yourself with a car that won't go and you've got no dough. First things first means how do I get rid of the old junk that is not running and instead of having to pay someone to haul it off actually get some money for it. That's where a connected dealer with many years of dealing with old cars comes in. Talking about Paul Blanco's Good Car Company. He sells many, many old junkers to junk dealers. Yes junk yards. That's where a junk yard will buy an out of service old vehicle and "part it out" or one of the pull a part dealers. Selling an older popular model brings a surprising amount of money even for cars that are beyond the eyesore condition. And Paul Blanco has connections with some of these operators so he can many times get you as much money for your eyesore as a prime, in good running order model. In most cases that old car will make a good equity or down payment on the nearly new Toyota or Honda of your dreams. Even a Silverado or F150 or SUV. 

But what about the folks who have a good running car or truck and it just doesn't fit what they want to do with it or they have outgrown it or just plain tired of it. The Blanco Good Car Company is a great place for you as well. You see these guys have a huge following because of their great reputation and their almost 100% financing opportunity regardless of credit score finance program. And they sell many old trades that they run through their reconditioning shop and get back in good shape for cash. So they have a strong market for your old vehicle, running or not. And are prepared to give thousands more over the "book" value because they have people waiting and looking for it.
Honda accord for sale
Quality used Honda's, Nissan's, Acura's, and Toyota's

 So I recommend Paul Blanco's Good Car Company for those with junk to dispose of or those buyers who don't have a trade or even two nickles to rub together. And did I mention he has a finance plan for virtually anyone wanting a late model hot selling Car, SUV or Pickup truck. Regardless of credit score. And most are under $10,000. So push, pull or drag your old vehicle or the Blanco people will pick it up.

Frank Creech 
Auto Guru

Bad credit auto financing get approved

Bad Credit Auto Financing For Everyone

Don't Let Weak Credit Stop You From Getting the Perfect Vehicle

Credit Challenge Car loans
Auto Loans Approvals 
Ok you've landed that dream job or added to your family and now you need a better vehicle or even your first vehicle. Well congratulations but like many of today's working people maybe your credit score is a little shaky or your time on the job is short or you might even be new in town. Or any of dozens of factors that could keep you from scoring high enough to warrant being granted auto credit. If that fits you then I have great news.

 Paul Blanco's Fresh Start Program has possibly the easiest auto credit qualifying in America. And better yet you pick from the hottest selling models in the USA! At hugely discounted prices. Choose from Toyota Camrys. Tons of 'em in stock. Honda Civics and Accords. Mostly 2008 through 2012 models. The best and hottest colors offered in Nissan Altima's are available. SUV's like Jeep Grand Cherokee, Chevy Tahoe, Toyota Rav 4, and Honda CR-V are in stock. Trucks like Silverado, Ram and F150. Millions and millions of dollars worth. And since Paul Blanco's good car company is one of California's largest volume dealers he buys in volume and gets volume discounts therefore he can save you thousands, and thousands of dollars in price. He prides himself in keeping his prices under $10,000. In fact he just may be the largest retailer of under $10,000 used vehicles I know of.
Low credit score loans
Bad Credit get approved for a car loan

But again it is not just the choices you are offered it is the fact that you make those choices in spite of any credit difficulties you may have experienced. And you still get the vehicle of your dreams even if you are short or even have no money down for a loan. You see Paul Blanco's will work for you with the lender and with you on your down payment or lack thereof.

What a deal! Get the Camaro, Beetle, or even a BMW or Volvo you really like and want, get the credit you so desperately need, regardless of your credit score and the Blanco Good Car Company will help you on the down payment. It just doesn't get any better than that.

Frank Creech
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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Ford F150 price verses Chevy Silverado resale value

 Low priced Ford F150 Chevy Silverado value after purchase?

Used Chevy Ford trucks sale

Based upon total initial cost plus resale value.

The Ford 150 and the Chevy Silverado pickups are great vehicles, provide tremendous utilitarian value, and just a lower cost when compared to other vehicle choices in the market place and their price. When you compare true initial purchase price then resale a couple or three years later they are astounding values. But unlike many best buy choices you are really better off total outlay dollars wise to go ahead and buy new.

But you must buy at the right time and get the right truck with right equipment. Here are prime examples that should be relatively inexpensive yet be strong movers as far as resale. Best buy as far as the F150 that is then a hot ticket on the used car market to resale seems to be the Ford  F150 super crew with the Lariat package. Don't step up past that Ford model as the Lariat provides the leather trim that gives this Ford truck cache, and the exterior trims plus the top book resale. And it's a cinch to be in demand and will deliver shockingly high dollars when you market it, right after a couple of years ownership. Best exterior color choices would include the black, white, dark blue and metallic burgundy. And none of these paints fade quickly and are in demand resale colors. I'd say spring for the 302 V8 as it doesn't demand a premium price hike (standard). Try to minimize the option packages as they can get pricey, and quickly. They are a cinch to sell by private owner. Buy only at sale dates like Memorial day, and so forth or after Christmas week sales dates.

Used Chevy trucks in California
Chevy Silverado - Ford F150 Trucks
Same sales dates would apply for the Chevy Silverado, and buying during a model closeout is great. For instance now is a great time to buy a Silverado since a new truck is coming for 2014 and the 2013 is being discounted heavily in the form of special discounts, and rebate incentives. Best bet seems to be the extended Cab models with the All Star package that offers free factory extras. Texas edition in Louisiana and Texas and Oklahoma are same discount package as all star. Go for LT with red, white and black being the best tickets to excite used buyers after a couple of years. 5.3 liter with those option packages.

Smart shoppers should pay in the $26 to 27K price range for Silverado and a 2 year old one with prime color and good miles should bring close to $25,000 still! just astounding. Lariat is albeit more pricey, partly because of crew cab and leather. Expect sharp buyers to pay about $31K to 32K net and recoup $27K or so at resale. Just an outstanding truck and buy. Either way you just can't go wrong. Silverado carries a 100K mile drive train warranty and F150 a 60K drive train guarantee.

Frank Creech - Guru
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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Can I get a used car with no cash down?

No Cash Down Used Car Purchase

 Buying a Dream Car without a Dime in your pocket

No cash down cars
Click Image to: Apply for No Money Down Cars

Most used car buyers think you need about 20% down either as cash or trade in to qualify for used vehicle financing. Paul Blanco's Good Car Company would like to dispel that misunderstanding by showing you have to qualify for that Honda, Toyota, F150, Tahoe of your dreams even if you don't have 2 nickels to rub together.

So what is the secret to pulling this off? First thing is I would recommend you use a dealer, Paul Blanco's in this case, who specializes in such sales and financing agreements. You see Blanco's understands that the reason a lender requires a down payment is to gain a competitive equity position should anything unfortunate happen and the vehicle be foreclosed upon leaving the bank with an asset that must be disposed of. At a price that may not cover the outstanding balance. To reduce or close that gap the lender wants a cash investment reducing the potential loss.

But Blanco's Good Car Company has figured a way around that loss potential so that the bank or lender is secured and therefore requires no money out of pocket upfront. A  4 step process.
First the Good Car Company employs a full time staff of aggressive buyers who scour the country looking for bargains, buying only those vehicles that are cheap relative to the book and or loan value. Therefore the banks equity is built in, so to speak, because Good Car Company can sell them cheaper since they bought them cheaper. Your down payment requirement is absorbed in the low initial sales price. Then the Good Car Company makes special arrangements to procure inexpensive gap insurance to close any potential loss to the lender. And this rediculously inexpensive coverage is rolled into the payment. again requiring no cash up front commitment. Next the Good Car Company has further arranged a deferred payment agreement. Offering terms in the rare cases a down payment might be needed.
Honda's for sale
No Money Down on Honda's

Also, the Good Car Company specializes in only those hottest, most in demand vehicles that HOLD THEIR VALUE so the bank is content that the equity is always there. Toyotas, Hondas, even BMW's. And of course they look for low mileage and that holds value.
But I didn't account for possibly the biggest advantage of all to buying your vehicle from Paul Blanco's good Car Company. Paul Blanco's refuses to put vehicles out on the road unless they have been completely serviced by their professional shop. And in case of breakdown they offer warrenties therefore there are no nasty surprises for Good Car Company customers.

Lenders know this plus Blanco's does a big volume of business and that in and of itself makes banks more flexible with Blanco's portfolio of business. At the end of the day The Good Car Company's portfilio performs for the banks because of the types of vehicles and the quality of the vehicles so yes Paul Blanco's is a preferred client of the banks and buying from The Good Car Company makes you a preferred buyer.

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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Luxury Car Department now open Paul Blanco Good Car Company

Paul Blanco's Good Car Company is Now in The Luxury Auto Business


Get Your BMW or Mercedes and Instant Credit

Paul Blanco's has exciting news for luxury car shoppers in Fresno, Stockton and Sacramento. You can now get the luxury vehicle you've always wanted at an affordable price and get the same exact quick, on the spot credit with the great terms and low payments that Blanco customers have come to expect from one of the most exciting dealerships on the west coast.

The all new luxury car division intends to specialize in the latest models of BMW including the 1, 3 and 5 series sedans coupes and convertibles. Mercedes popular small and mid size sedans and SUVs along with other popular luxury makes such as Volvo, Infiniti and Lexus. Even some Range Rovers will be offered. Even if you have had issues in the past with your credit such as befell most Americans during the recent economic woes you can now afford to drive the very best luxury cars and SUV's offered anywhere in the world.

The Paul Blanco good car company extend s the same terms as are available to his more standard car purchasers. Including short payback terms enabling you to obtain the title in record low time and zero added points to the credit union's discount rate. That in and of itself should and could save you some serious money. So if you find yourself wanting to get back into the same lifestyle vehicle you were previously accustomed to driving then click on and pick out your BMW, Mercedes, Volvo, Infiniti, Lexus or Range Rover.

- Frank Creech
Auto Guru

Why should I buy a used car? Is it a good time to buy?

Is now a good time to buy a used car?

 Interest Rates are Near Zero and New Car Sales Have Filled Dealer Lots with Trade ins

Luck is an excellent arbiter, both good and bad. But for most folks in most endeavors you just can't beat old fashioned timing! And for those folks who are entertaining the idea of replacing their transportation the timing just couldn't get much better. First off with rates as low as low it gets it means that you can drive and own more vehicle than you perhaps thought possible. Simply stated your payments on the exact same vehicle from as recently as a couple years ago are greatly reduced. Slashed by as much as $100. per month in some cases. That could benefit you by freeing up that much for other discretionary spending or allowing a purchaser to get a vehicle with much more equipment or with a more appealing name plate or a year newer. In any event expect to have more choices and better options if you make your move now. Secondly new car sales have been on a torrid pace and the trades that dealers have taken has bloated their inventories to some degree plus flooded the auctions with surplus cars, trucks and SUVs which has driven the prices down, down, down! And choices are over the top.
You can, at this moment find about anything that your heart desires.
I walked the lot at Paul Blanco's Good Car Company yesterday and they have an outrageously diverse selection to choose from. Convertibles, Hondas, Toyotas, F150 pickups, BMW's, VW's, Tahoes, Jeeps, small 3 seat SUV's, Mercedes. Folks it was all there and more. Some were priced substantially lower than what they had been marked just weeks ago because of the sudden bulge in inventory.

How long can this opportunity last? Of course no one can accurately predict that but if history is any indication a buyer's market suddenly turns and becomes a seller's market due to demand given rates and availability as well as price reductions. So my suggestion would be to get a move on if you are so inclined. This is a great time to buy a used car!

Good place to start your shopping would be to click on

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Buy a car with no money down - Certified cars and trucks

How to Buy a Car With No Money Down

It's Much Easier Than You Think


So your car won't go and you've got no dough. And catching a bus gus is just not in the cards. So whatta you do? Well if your credit is perfect and you've got a long term, well paying job then you've got no problem. Just walk into any new car dealership and pick it out, sign the financing papers and go. But for the other 80% of us who don't fit that demographical profile then it is a bit more complicated. Not impossible but slightly more challenging to say the least. But hang with me.

You could do several things including going to a dealer who specializes in tough finance cases and ask to see only the vehicles that are slow to hard sellers for a dealer to move off his lot and explain to the sales person that you are broke and need to purchase something that is "way back of the book" so to speak. That means that it is on the lot for less than the retail value due to being a non-desirable unit. That in and of itself is why you probably, unless you are on the other side of desperate, reluctant to consider this path. Second thing you might be able to pull off is to give the dealer what is referred to in the industry as a "pickup payment." That means at some future time, pretty quick in most cases, you agree to make an extra payment which is roughly the equivelent of a regular down payment to the dealer. It is all recorded and contracted and is perfectly legal upon the dealer notifying the lender. Problem here is you currently have no cash and why would you come into a windfall in say, the next few weeks. You're not likely too so this is probably a bad idea and a sure way to quickly default on the loan terms and lose your car.

So that leaves us to what I would recommend. Find a dealer who sells in volume and make that volume of business work for you. There's safety in numbers and lenders will tend to advance more easily to clients of the dealerships that give them a large amount of finance contracts on a monthly basis. The lender makes his money making loans. The dealer makes his money selling cars so each benefits when they both give each other a huge share of their business and do a lot of business.

Bottomline is lenders are reluctant to turn down a customer of a volume dealer that is favoring them with  a ton of contracts. One such dealer I like and favor is Paul Blanco's Good Car Company. First of all these folks are huge. They have dealerships all up and down the valley from Sacramento to Fresno and most stops between. As well as opening soon in LA. And each of these stores sell tons of hot selling Hondas, Toyotas and other hot movers that the banks enjoy having on their books since these tend to retain their value better and insulate the lender from possible losses.

Aside from that Blanco's volume operation is hard to beat since the lender is very reluctant to tell The Good Car Company no since he has access to over 100 lenders beating his doors down to get his finance contracts. So click on and go by the nearest store and tell the salesperson up front. I want a great car in a desirable model, and I want to finance with no money down and let these folks handle it for you. Done Deal!

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