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Auto loans easy financing

My Credit is ruined can I qualify for a car?

Auto Loans with Blancos Fresh Start


Sometimes what you want, and what you can afford just 
Pretty womandoesn't match up. Past credit troubles can certainly get in the way. But the great folks at Paul Blanco can still assist you in getting you into the car you desire by Improving your credit health.

Paul Blanco's has a fresh start program that takes the time to shop your credit credentials with as many as 100 banks. Whether you have a repo or no credit at all you can be sure to find a bank that will loan you the funds needed to purchase you dream car. The average new car sold in America is priced over $32,000 dollars.

Paul Blanco carries like new, one, two, and three year old cars, trucks, and suvs. Prices ranging between 8, and 20 grand. Two year old Camrys, three year old Altimas, and Priuses for sometimes half what they sell new. Why pay so much for a new car when sometimes you can buy the same model for as much as half what it sold new? The customers of Paul Blanco also like the fact that they can go through a hassle free possess to be pre-approved before they leave the comfort of their own home or office.

Paul says: "I will always go the extra mile to make sure the customers are satisfied". "Though sometimes even our best efforts can leave some unhappy". "Is that their character flaw, maybe"? "But, I still will do my best to make things right for them, even if they are not for me". "Customers satisfaction is our primary concern". "That's not to say we haven't made mistakes". "We certainly have made mistakes"! "And while this is true, we are consistently doing our part to make things right". "This is also why I am implementing new programs, toward customer relations". "We want to put our customers first, and in front". "Myself, and our staff are not Celebrities, our regular customers are, they drive our business forward". 

 Happy Customers

Frank Creech | Auto Guru
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Friday, December 7, 2012

Toyotas and Hondas for dimes on the dollar

Yes its possible for a limited time

I discovered an interesting little secret to purchasing an auto. Most folks think of a Toyota or Honda as being a hot ticket on the market so therefore assume they carry a premium price tag. And that would be the case at most auto outlets, particularly if purchased new off the showroom floor.  However many folks who would have never even considered buying a used auto have accepted the new normal of saving money are now purchasing one of these quality brands at a dealership like Paul Blanco's Good Car Company at a mere fraction of what the new price tag would be.

How are they managing to get one of these in demand, new appearing vehicles for such a deep discount off what others are paying new? Quite simply I found out. The folks at Paul Blanco Good Car Company have developed an insider buying relationship with the distributors of meticulously serviced and maintained rental units that are completely loaded with the desirable factory options and are not only showroom new in appearance but are as reliable as the day they rolled off the showroom and have the manufacturers warrenty to prove it. Used to be the old saying of  "only your hairdresser knows for sure" now applies to the purchase of a hot Japanese imported auto. Only this time it is "even your mechanic won't know for sure" as well as your friends, pesky in laws, and folks at work. Only by your savy smile when asked what you paid will give your little secret away.
Paul Blanco
Well how much less than the original purchase can one of these so called "program" vehicles save me? Depends of course on where you buy your auto. All these vehicles are bargain priced as compared to what the manufacturers reps charge you but a dealer like Paul Blanco's with the insider pull and volume purchase arrangement can really save the purchaser some big time dough. The folks at Paul Blanco's can even custom aquire the exact color you have always dreamed of.

Is saving huge money on a current or 1-2 year old model that everyone will assume came with the window sticker right for you? I suppose it depends somewhat on your priorities and maybe even your vanity. But if having a chance at instant equity and escaping the "under water" reality for a spell after the purchase is for you then check out Paul Blanco's Good Car Company. He has outlets all over much of California and you can even get approved for instant zero dealer markup over the credit union finance rate. I'm pretty sure what my next purchase is going to look like and where I'll be shopping.

Frank Creech | Auto Guru
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Is used Auto Credit Difficult to Obtain

Saving time getting the credit you need

Well it can be very difficult to obtain used auto credit unless you are looking in the right places. In fact it can be almost exasperatingly difficult.  Most people merely go to the yellow pages and start looking, but that too can be time consuming and faulty. The logical place to look is most likely where other people with similar circumstances are looking. And for me it was apparant that many friends and associates were going to Paul Blanco's on Fulton Ave right here in Sacramento. And that is what I did.

My experience was amazingly quick and non-invasive as they asked surprisingly few personal questions. Some of which would have down right embarassing to have to respond too. In any event we got down to business and I picked out the Honda CRV that I've always dreamed of and my credit was approved on the spot even though my credit score is nothing to write home about. To say I was pleased at the service and expediancy would be an understatement.

paul blanco fresh start programFurther the interest rate was in line with what the so-called insiders and fat cats are now receiving with their thick portfolios and bank accounts and moreover their high credit scores. The rate helped in one extremely other important way. My payment was incredibly reasonible and for a short term so that I can now finally think about having no monthly obligation for transportation in the future.

Paul Blanco's is probably not for everyone but his business did the trick for me. I recommend these guys and gals for those who need short term financing and whose fortunes have possibly taken a downturn during the recent recessionary times. BTW this is not an ad for Paul Blanco's as I am sure there are many reputable dealers out there who would do the same, but it is good to know how to quickly find someone who can deliver  a vehicle and credit terms in a satisfactory and hassle free fashion.

Jim Johnson 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Paul Blancos a good car company

Buy used cars

A good car company helping families gain freedom 

- Paul Blanco is not just a car dealership


Shopping for a used vehicle is never an easy task for any family. This is why Paul Blanco has made it his personal interest to not only make shopping for a used car or truck as quick as possible with incentives and programs to get you the car you want.

With Paul's huge inventory of cars and trucks we have something to suit your budget, and desire. Whether you are looking for mid sized vehicles, full sized trucks or something in between we have the right fit for you. And with the fresh start program you can get in the car you want at a low affordable monthly payment.

Paul Blanco has been helping families get into reliable, and affordable cars for decades. This blog will document our clients satisfactory experiences, and showcase inventory and specials throughout our several locations. Our goal is to bring you closer to our world, and develop a long term relationship through our shared experiences, and gain your trust in the hopes to be your choice during your next Car or truck shopping experience. Thank you for taking the time to join our efforts at bringing a better experience to you.

Please follow us and our social circle and be apart of our community benefits. Active users, subscribers, and comments will receive exclusive incentives and special offers not found elsewhere. But you must be an active subscriber to participate. We are about to launch our social media experience, buy a car from Paul Blanco add us to your social circle, and we will buy the next $100.00 dollars in fuel for your vehicle.

Call us to get approved over the phone: 
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