Friday, August 9, 2013

Trading in a car that's not running on a used car

Paul Blanco Good Car Company
Paul Blanco quality used cars for sale in California

How to Trade my Old Car on a Newer car

Even cars that are not running.

Basically you find yourself with a car that won't go and you've got no dough. First things first means how do I get rid of the old junk that is not running and instead of having to pay someone to haul it off actually get some money for it. That's where a connected dealer with many years of dealing with old cars comes in. Talking about Paul Blanco's Good Car Company. He sells many, many old junkers to junk dealers. Yes junk yards. That's where a junk yard will buy an out of service old vehicle and "part it out" or one of the pull a part dealers. Selling an older popular model brings a surprising amount of money even for cars that are beyond the eyesore condition. And Paul Blanco has connections with some of these operators so he can many times get you as much money for your eyesore as a prime, in good running order model. In most cases that old car will make a good equity or down payment on the nearly new Toyota or Honda of your dreams. Even a Silverado or F150 or SUV. 

But what about the folks who have a good running car or truck and it just doesn't fit what they want to do with it or they have outgrown it or just plain tired of it. The Blanco Good Car Company is a great place for you as well. You see these guys have a huge following because of their great reputation and their almost 100% financing opportunity regardless of credit score finance program. And they sell many old trades that they run through their reconditioning shop and get back in good shape for cash. So they have a strong market for your old vehicle, running or not. And are prepared to give thousands more over the "book" value because they have people waiting and looking for it.
Honda accord for sale
Quality used Honda's, Nissan's, Acura's, and Toyota's

 So I recommend Paul Blanco's Good Car Company for those with junk to dispose of or those buyers who don't have a trade or even two nickles to rub together. And did I mention he has a finance plan for virtually anyone wanting a late model hot selling Car, SUV or Pickup truck. Regardless of credit score. And most are under $10,000. So push, pull or drag your old vehicle or the Blanco people will pick it up.

Frank Creech 
Auto Guru

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