Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Ford F150 price verses Chevy Silverado resale value

 Low priced Ford F150 Chevy Silverado value after purchase?

Used Chevy Ford trucks sale

Based upon total initial cost plus resale value.

The Ford 150 and the Chevy Silverado pickups are great vehicles, provide tremendous utilitarian value, and just a lower cost when compared to other vehicle choices in the market place and their price. When you compare true initial purchase price then resale a couple or three years later they are astounding values. But unlike many best buy choices you are really better off total outlay dollars wise to go ahead and buy new.

But you must buy at the right time and get the right truck with right equipment. Here are prime examples that should be relatively inexpensive yet be strong movers as far as resale. Best buy as far as the F150 that is then a hot ticket on the used car market to resale seems to be the Ford  F150 super crew with the Lariat package. Don't step up past that Ford model as the Lariat provides the leather trim that gives this Ford truck cache, and the exterior trims plus the top book resale. And it's a cinch to be in demand and will deliver shockingly high dollars when you market it, right after a couple of years ownership. Best exterior color choices would include the black, white, dark blue and metallic burgundy. And none of these paints fade quickly and are in demand resale colors. I'd say spring for the 302 V8 as it doesn't demand a premium price hike (standard). Try to minimize the option packages as they can get pricey, and quickly. They are a cinch to sell by private owner. Buy only at sale dates like Memorial day, and so forth or after Christmas week sales dates.

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Chevy Silverado - Ford F150 Trucks
Same sales dates would apply for the Chevy Silverado, and buying during a model closeout is great. For instance now is a great time to buy a Silverado since a new truck is coming for 2014 and the 2013 is being discounted heavily in the form of special discounts, and rebate incentives. Best bet seems to be the extended Cab models with the All Star package that offers free factory extras. Texas edition in Louisiana and Texas and Oklahoma are same discount package as all star. Go for LT with red, white and black being the best tickets to excite used buyers after a couple of years. 5.3 liter with those option packages.

Smart shoppers should pay in the $26 to 27K price range for Silverado and a 2 year old one with prime color and good miles should bring close to $25,000 still! just astounding. Lariat is albeit more pricey, partly because of crew cab and leather. Expect sharp buyers to pay about $31K to 32K net and recoup $27K or so at resale. Just an outstanding truck and buy. Either way you just can't go wrong. Silverado carries a 100K mile drive train warranty and F150 a 60K drive train guarantee.

Frank Creech - Guru
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