Friday, August 9, 2013

Bad credit auto financing get approved

Bad Credit Auto Financing For Everyone

Don't Let Weak Credit Stop You From Getting the Perfect Vehicle

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Ok you've landed that dream job or added to your family and now you need a better vehicle or even your first vehicle. Well congratulations but like many of today's working people maybe your credit score is a little shaky or your time on the job is short or you might even be new in town. Or any of dozens of factors that could keep you from scoring high enough to warrant being granted auto credit. If that fits you then I have great news.

 Paul Blanco's Fresh Start Program has possibly the easiest auto credit qualifying in America. And better yet you pick from the hottest selling models in the USA! At hugely discounted prices. Choose from Toyota Camrys. Tons of 'em in stock. Honda Civics and Accords. Mostly 2008 through 2012 models. The best and hottest colors offered in Nissan Altima's are available. SUV's like Jeep Grand Cherokee, Chevy Tahoe, Toyota Rav 4, and Honda CR-V are in stock. Trucks like Silverado, Ram and F150. Millions and millions of dollars worth. And since Paul Blanco's good car company is one of California's largest volume dealers he buys in volume and gets volume discounts therefore he can save you thousands, and thousands of dollars in price. He prides himself in keeping his prices under $10,000. In fact he just may be the largest retailer of under $10,000 used vehicles I know of.
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Bad Credit get approved for a car loan

But again it is not just the choices you are offered it is the fact that you make those choices in spite of any credit difficulties you may have experienced. And you still get the vehicle of your dreams even if you are short or even have no money down for a loan. You see Paul Blanco's will work for you with the lender and with you on your down payment or lack thereof.

What a deal! Get the Camaro, Beetle, or even a BMW or Volvo you really like and want, get the credit you so desperately need, regardless of your credit score and the Blanco Good Car Company will help you on the down payment. It just doesn't get any better than that.

Frank Creech
Auto Guru

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