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What is the California Lemon Law? Can the law protect my car purchase?

California Used Car Lemon Law Explained

What is the California Lemon Law

 How to make the lemon law work for you!

First of all what is the California Lemon Law? It covers most anything of a significant nature that would effect the safety, reliability, value and usage of your vehicle. And it would require that you make a reasonable effort to have your used car purchase repaired to a state that would make it safe, reliable and retain value outside the normal wear and tear and market forces at work. California law doesn't require the same amount of effort nor red tape as some states so it is responsive to the consumer.

You must first make the effort however to get your vehicle repaired to a state of usage  safety and value that a normal user might expect. Within the confines in some cases of the existing warranty but not always.

Lawyer Sues Paul Blanco Under California Lemon Law

So what is the best way for the average used car buyer to protect his investment, safety and value. Well your best move is to diminish the chance of buying a car, truck or family SUV that would fall into the lemon category. And make sure you purchase from a dealer who stands behind the vehicles he retails.

One such dealer is Paul Blanco of Paul Blanco's Good Car Company. Frankly the name of his business says a lot. A good start toward not having a lemon is to buy a GOOD CAR up front. And that is what Blanco's business strives to provide. He personally shops for clean, reliable cars that are low mileage and safe. Then he runs them through a stringent series of checks and tests that eliminate many as retail merchandise  Those he disposes of. His shop guys spare no expense bringing the select vehicles that wind up on his sale lot up to 100%. But as in any mechanical piece of merchandise there are occasional failures. And that is where The Good Car Company shines. They generally repair or replace any vehicle that was above a certain level of investment for a reasonable period of time. That way you can rest assured that when you purchase a late model, front line vehicle of a certain price level you are in good hands.

Now is Blanco the only gold bond dealer in California. Of course not, there are many. But his business is certainly a good place to shop with confidence. Many franchise new car dealers are also reliable. But there may be a price premium to pay by going that route as they have to cover the typical new car dealer's increased overhead.

Hopefully this helps. But as always this is a buyer beware endeavor. Check out the beauty you have selected. Any reputable dealer, such as Blanco or a new car franchise dealer will allow you to take the vehicle to a person you trust.

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