Thursday, April 25, 2013

California's Original Angry Little Asian Girl Putu Blanco

The Authentic "Angry Little Asian Girl"

Introducing Good Car Company Managing Partner Putu Blanco

Lela Lee crator of the little angry asian girl comic series.
Putu Blanco a native of Indonisia is of course one of the most positive, vibrant and caring people in the California business world. She is the managing partner of one of the fastest growing small businesses in California. The Paul Blanco Good Car Company to be exact. A former owner and hands on manager of one of the most popular restaurants in the capital city of Sacramento with a clientel heavy on foodies and heavy hitters in politics, sports and philanthropy. She was a one woman dynamo who was seemingly everywhere at once in the lively downtown business. An expert  and educated public relations specialist she was hugely popular with customers, employees and clients. As well as being an on call care giver and supporter of any good cause in the community including but not limited to the important "My Sister's House" which has meant so much to so many battered and abused women and their children. Paradoxically there is another side to this feel good story however.

You see Putu is seriously and I do mean seriously interested in each and every client of Paul Blanco's Good Car Company receiving prompt and immediate service when they either call, click on or come by the chain of dealerships she expertly manages. She is even more serious about each of those clients and customers receiving cheerful, professional, knowledgable information and help in picking out the absolute perfect vehicle that fits their lifestyle, budget and desires. And nothing short of that will do. In short she monitors each and every transaction and customer visit and inquiry. With a 100% total customer satisfaction aim and goal in mind. So what does it take to trigger the Angry Little Asian Girl that is hidden deeply inside Putu? A failure on the part of any staff or supplier to deliver that 100% complete and total satisfaction.

A saint, a hero to many in need and your own "Angry Little Asian Girl" is what you get if you decide to be her customer and her company fails to deliver total satisfaction.

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