Friday, December 7, 2012

Toyotas and Hondas for dimes on the dollar

Yes its possible for a limited time

I discovered an interesting little secret to purchasing an auto. Most folks think of a Toyota or Honda as being a hot ticket on the market so therefore assume they carry a premium price tag. And that would be the case at most auto outlets, particularly if purchased new off the showroom floor.  However many folks who would have never even considered buying a used auto have accepted the new normal of saving money are now purchasing one of these quality brands at a dealership like Paul Blanco's Good Car Company at a mere fraction of what the new price tag would be.

How are they managing to get one of these in demand, new appearing vehicles for such a deep discount off what others are paying new? Quite simply I found out. The folks at Paul Blanco Good Car Company have developed an insider buying relationship with the distributors of meticulously serviced and maintained rental units that are completely loaded with the desirable factory options and are not only showroom new in appearance but are as reliable as the day they rolled off the showroom and have the manufacturers warrenty to prove it. Used to be the old saying of  "only your hairdresser knows for sure" now applies to the purchase of a hot Japanese imported auto. Only this time it is "even your mechanic won't know for sure" as well as your friends, pesky in laws, and folks at work. Only by your savy smile when asked what you paid will give your little secret away.
Paul Blanco
Well how much less than the original purchase can one of these so called "program" vehicles save me? Depends of course on where you buy your auto. All these vehicles are bargain priced as compared to what the manufacturers reps charge you but a dealer like Paul Blanco's with the insider pull and volume purchase arrangement can really save the purchaser some big time dough. The folks at Paul Blanco's can even custom aquire the exact color you have always dreamed of.

Is saving huge money on a current or 1-2 year old model that everyone will assume came with the window sticker right for you? I suppose it depends somewhat on your priorities and maybe even your vanity. But if having a chance at instant equity and escaping the "under water" reality for a spell after the purchase is for you then check out Paul Blanco's Good Car Company. He has outlets all over much of California and you can even get approved for instant zero dealer markup over the credit union finance rate. I'm pretty sure what my next purchase is going to look like and where I'll be shopping.

Frank Creech | Auto Guru
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