Friday, December 7, 2012

Is used Auto Credit Difficult to Obtain

Saving time getting the credit you need

Well it can be very difficult to obtain used auto credit unless you are looking in the right places. In fact it can be almost exasperatingly difficult.  Most people merely go to the yellow pages and start looking, but that too can be time consuming and faulty. The logical place to look is most likely where other people with similar circumstances are looking. And for me it was apparant that many friends and associates were going to Paul Blanco's on Fulton Ave right here in Sacramento. And that is what I did.

My experience was amazingly quick and non-invasive as they asked surprisingly few personal questions. Some of which would have down right embarassing to have to respond too. In any event we got down to business and I picked out the Honda CRV that I've always dreamed of and my credit was approved on the spot even though my credit score is nothing to write home about. To say I was pleased at the service and expediancy would be an understatement.

paul blanco fresh start programFurther the interest rate was in line with what the so-called insiders and fat cats are now receiving with their thick portfolios and bank accounts and moreover their high credit scores. The rate helped in one extremely other important way. My payment was incredibly reasonible and for a short term so that I can now finally think about having no monthly obligation for transportation in the future.

Paul Blanco's is probably not for everyone but his business did the trick for me. I recommend these guys and gals for those who need short term financing and whose fortunes have possibly taken a downturn during the recent recessionary times. BTW this is not an ad for Paul Blanco's as I am sure there are many reputable dealers out there who would do the same, but it is good to know how to quickly find someone who can deliver  a vehicle and credit terms in a satisfactory and hassle free fashion.

Jim Johnson 

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