Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Local businesswoman breaks auto sales myth

Putu Blanco Making Big Splash in  Auto Business

Her Public Relations background makes for an easy transition

Former Sacramento restaurant owner Putu Blanco has made a stunning debut as a used car operator. Keep in mind this was an industry dominated by males for years, but that hasn't deterred Putu, in fact it may have been a driving force to learn the business in record time, and that she has done. She is large and in charge of one of the most dynamic growth stories in the auto business on the west coast. Her title might best be described as operations manager, but believe me "boss" would be the more apt description. She runs the day to day business of three separate large volume stores; Sacramento, Stockton, and Fresno. Her husband of course was the original visionary of the chain of successful pre-owned stores, but it is Putu with her business acumen, work ethic, and empathy for people including the customers and employees that is blazing trails. Recently, donating a large sum of money to local charity My Sisters House. An Asian focused organization dedicated to assisting battered, and at risk females in hostile situations. That and her west coast auto legend husband's experience and steady hand.

How so you might say given her limited background in autos. "I had driven a car, and that was about it says Putu" but I volunteered to help my husband establish a business development center using my educational background in PR. I soon realized there was a serious need for an empathetic ear to the needs of customers and employees that maybe was not being completely addressed. And that got the ball rolling. Addressing customer concerns, and the issues that crop up with this many employees gave me a taste for more. And gave me a unique insight into a business I quickly realized is much the same as the restaurant business. Serving people and making them happy is the goal except that instead of a delicious meal with great service, I am serving Camry's with the same great service. I brought the same work ethic, and intensity into this endeavor as I did to the food service field. And the results have been nothing less than gratifying.
I won instant respect, because of my work ethic. And I never pretended to know something I didn't know. My husband is a natural entrepreneur, and I am a people person. Perfect combination for the auto industry. Some days I don't exactly know where I am at all times, flying from Sacramento to LA, then on to Fresno and then back to LA. Or driving to Stockton and then on to Fresno. Our business is rapidly expanding, and I hope it has a little to do with my personal touch, says Mrs. Blanco. I can truly say that no one who have come into contact with Putu; has any doubt. She's a dynamic personality!

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  1. Putu is a great example of a caring and wonderful person/boss. I have worked for her for over 2 years and her energy and efficiency still amazes me! I am very excited to see bigger things to come!

  2. Great to see how there helping the community and giving back. Glad to be a part of the growing success of this company.

  3. Putu is the best Boss anyone could have. She is SUPERWOMAN!!!!. "Paul Blanco Good Car Company" is not just a dealership, it's a family.

  4. Wow, she is an epitome of an outstanding businesswoman which should be emulated. Goodluck Putu.

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