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Paul Blanco reports record December used car sales


Paul Blanco Good Car Company reports record used car sales in Sacramento

Stockton, and Fresno sales also strong

California Used car sales

In the market for a used car? Well you are apparently not alone if you live in Sacramento, Stockton or Fresno. Sales at one dealer we checked with were off the charts in December. Paul Blanco, an iconic name in California auto circles, reports that his chain of used car stores were on fire the entire month. Almost to the point of running out of merchandise in many makes and models. Blanco, who has made a mark merchandising vehicles that are two to five model years old, say that his dealer group made a strong push with late model trucks, particularly in Fresno and pre-owned used import cars like Toyota and Honda's in Stockton and Sacramento locations.

Used Cars California
Paul Blanco use cars Sacramento
Paul Blanco's Good Car Company credits the easing of credit requirements, saying that many big banks are buying looser than ever, and the strengthening economy as well as a buildup of inventory for the huge increases. Manger Jeff, GM in Sacramento, says that more people, even those with some credit issues, are finding a bank or credit union among the 100 or so available at the store that will grant credit and terms. And of course the national trend of job growth is a factor as well. But the real key, according to Jeff,  may be the new policy of stacking 'em deep and selling 'em cheap. Which was of course his way of saying they have built their inventory to all time high levels. So more and more people are finding the perfect vehicle on the lot. This dramatic change comes partially because of cheap interest rates that enable a big operator like the Good Car Company to build his inventory courtesy of low inventory costs.

Of course the sales of certain makes and models are driving sales on a daily basis. The ever popular Toyota Camry, Rav4, and Corolla. The hot selling Hondas including the Accord, Civic and SUV's. And the sales of the Silverado, Ram, and F150 pickups are note worthy. In fact, according to Manager Jeff, the market for a like new hot selling import, pickup, family van, or SUV may just now be taking off. Reasoning that tax refunds are just now starting to trickle in along with the wide choice of make, model and color that people like. Many other northern California pre-owned dealers are doing well also so now must be a great time to buy. In the meantime The San Francisco 49'ers are not the only big winners in this part of the world!

Actual Paul Blanco reviews are coming in for their Good Car Company.

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